About Shabbat.com

Shabbat.com is a Jewish social network to allow people to connect and meet in a safe and friendly environment. Perfect for those traveling for business, backpacking across the country, studying abroad, or simply looking for a little inspiration. Shabbat.com is also a great way to network in your profession, meet people, make lifelong friends and expand your social horizons. Shabbat.com even has a unique and cutting-edge matchmaking feature!   read more...

What is shabbat.com?

Host or Be Hosted for a Shabbat Meal

Experience the warmth and beauty of Shabbat by savoring delicious foods, and enjoying new friendships.

World's Largest Jewish Social Network

Connect with tens of thousands of Jews from every background in over 100 countries via Shabbat.com's state-of-the-art Social Network features. Opportunity awaits you!

Find Your Soulmate

Try our unique approach to dating. Shabbat.com has created an innovative and simple way to find your soulmate! Cost? Free, of course!

Powerful Safety and Security

Shabbat.com features state-of-the-art software including linked references, user reviews, and blocking capability to ensure our users safety and peace of mind.

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